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Timeline Thus Far

There are so many amazing experiences to reflect upon since the start of the academic school year. Hopefully, I will be able to find the time to go back and post about the moments and events that have been pivotal thus far.

The following timeline is mainly to summarize for myself what has happened and upcoming plans.

To Date

  • [Aug 31] First meeting with Esther Fine,
  • [Sept 8] Meet with Jasna Maksimovic (ALPHA II teacher) to catch up,
  • [Sept 20] Education Day debates,
  • [Sept 30] First meeting with Sandra Best,
  • [Oct 13] Visit to ALPHA Elementary with Catherine Cameron and a tour with Steve Cooper,
  • [Oct 15] Edcamp TO (met Heidi Siwak, Stephen Hurley),
  • [Oct 18] Alternative Schools Advisory Council (ASAC) meeting (finally met Kim Fry, Co-founder of The Grove),
  • [Oct 21] First meeting with Jennifer Chan (Exhibit Change),
  • [Nov 4] Second meeting with Jennifer Chan (met Clara, project lead for Bad Kids Collective),
  • [Nov 5 & 6] People for Education Conference (met Austin Clarkson, Director of Milkweed Collective & Lesley Johnson, Research and Policy Analyst at Social Planning Toronto),
  • [Nov 6] Received masters dissertation on the History of ALPHA Elementary from Deb O’Rourke,
  • [Nov 8] Second meeting with Esther Fine,
  • [Nov 8] Equity & Social Justice in Education Forum: Challenging racism and appropriation in our classrooms and schools @ OISE,
  • [Nov 13] ASAC Alternative Schools Conference Council Meeting,
  • [Nov 19] Jazz with Malcolm Levin,
  • [Nov 20] Provocateur (address) at Everyone’s a Teacher (met Kristina Katsoras, Grove teacher & Helen Anderson, Manager at Harmony Movement – Equity & Inclusive teacher training),
  • [Nov 25] First meeting with Austin Clarkson,
  • [Nov 26] Lunch with Kim Fry (finally met Terezia Zoric), ALPHA bazaar,

Future Plans

People I’d still like to connect with:

  • John (Jack) P. Miller (Whole Chile Education, OISE, Equinox)
  • John Smith (founder of ASAC and ALPHA II)
  • Marguerite Campbell (advisor to Equinox, was seconded to York FofEd)
  • Deb O-Rourke (masters dis on ALPHA)
  • George Martell (York Prof in Equity, Action Education)
  • Deborah Orr (advisor to Equinox, holistic ed, York Prof, yoga)
  • Chris Glover (Ward 2 TDSB trustee)

Planned Experiences:

  • [Nov 29] Ward 2 Council Meeting,
  • [Dec 1] ASAC Informal elementary meeting @ Equinox (same time as TDSB Trustee Organizational Meeting)
  • [Dec 2] Meet Jennifer Chan and Ilana Ben-Ari (toys for transformative learning),
  • [Dec 2] Meet Fiona Scott (researcher, alternate measures of success),
  • [Dec 6] Educator’s Equity Series: Gender Equity and Diversity,
  • [Dec 7] TDSB Trustee/Board Regular Meeting,
  • [Dec 8] An evening with Barbara Coloroso, Martingrove CI,
  • [Dec 15] TDSB Budget Committee Meeting,
  • [Deb 18] ASAC Alternative Schools Conference Council Meeting,
  • [Dec 20 & 21] Community Involvement brainstorm with Jennifer Chan,
  • [Jan 5] Six degree by invitation dinner with Jennifer Chan, Jon ? & Heidi Siwak,
  • [Jan 19] ASAC General Meeting,
  • [Jan 21] Holistic Education Workshops: Transcendental Learning with Jack Miller @ OISE,
  • [Feb 4 & 5] Teaching Yoga to Kids workshop,
  • [Feb 25] Holistic Education Workshops: Emotions with Seeta Nyary,
  • [Feb 27 – Mar 2] TEDtalks live webcast