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Edcamp Toronto

As I mentioned, I’d like to create a post for each of the main experiences or events relating to this school starters process since the start of this course.

One such event was EdcampTO, held in Winters College at York on October 25th, 2011. I came across Edcamp unconferences during a web search after returning from the 8th Annual AERO conference in Portland this past August. The unconference model, rings deep with my view of learning. After a few emails with the lead contact (Stephen Hurley) I got more involved in the planning of the conference (where I met a number of amazing educators like Jennifer Chan of Exhibit Change).

The day was packed full of rich concepts and resources, like the book Mindset by Carol Dweck, and environment design as the third teacher. But more than that, it was a space to create understanding and connections between a diverse group of educators.

A few people I met that day that I will hopefully connect with again one day are:

  • Heidi Siwak, @HeidiSiwak, grade 6 teacher in Dundas, ON using technology to transform her classroom (met again at Everyone’s a Teacher).
  • Fiona Scott, York U research, grant writer, Remix program, alternative measures of success.
  • Andrew Locker, musician and VP of a school in York.

ABEL was onsite that day to create a video. I feel so honoured that my words were chosen out of the many authentic contributions that day to conclude the video (see 5:30).


Appreciative Inquiry

Thank you to Stephen Hurley for sending along this resource, I will be adding it to the priority reading list.

Appreciative Inquiry For Collaborative Solutions: 21 Strength-Based Workshops by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel