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The world would be a better place if work was synonymous with pleasure!

Exploring Creativity in DepthIt’s so amazing when all the hard work and tough lessons come to a point where the line between fun and work blurs. Friday I sat with Austin Clarkson, Director of the Milkweed Collective and retired Fine Arts professor from York, in his den discussing transformative learning. Then, on Saturday my daughter and I had lunch with Terezia Zoric and Kim Fry (and can’t forget to mention her fabulous daughter Brighid), co-founders of The Grove Community School before we headed over to Trinity St. Paul’s United Church to support ALPHA Elementary’s Annual Bazar. There, I was able to catch up with Zio (mentor/teacher @ ALPHA II), and chat with Deb O’Rourke about her masters thesis on ALPHA. Kim introduced me to Karen, 25 year vetran teacher from ALPHA. I was also able to introduce Catherine Cameron (Zio’s partner, ALPHA parent, and doula) to my mother and pregnant yoga instructor.

I am so honoured to have to opportunity to share with such thoughtful and (dare I say spiritual) people.