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A Course in Transformative Education

I am a student in my final year in of the Specialized Honours undergraduate degree program in Individualized Studies through the department of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. I am also completing my third and final year in the concurrent Bachelor of Education program.

I have chosen to create this blog in response to my professor’s need to follow my progress through my final Independent Study and to facilitate my own learning. Throughout this blog I will reflect on my various experiences and make connections to educational theory to aid in the development of a new alternative school and eventually create a comprehensive proposal to be submitted to the Toronto District School Board. While most sections of this blog will relate directly to this process, I will use the reflections section to explore these connections in greater depth than is necessary for review of this course.

Throughout the course I will; contribute to the network of alternative school educators through communication and participation in various events, continue to visit various alternative schools to compare philosophies and governance models, discuss new school development with school founders, as well as form a council of advisors and build a community of interested parents.

Before I begin, I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Esther Fine for taking a chance on a student with an unconventional desire to affect positive change, I couldn’t do this without her.

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What does transformative education look like to you?